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New erotic chair by Balastudio

We are delighted to introduce the most recent piece of erotic furniture by Balastudio called Adela,this is a renewed and improved version of El Montao chair. As usual this piece will be produced in a limited edition of 69 units, each with its serial number plate, and a certificate of authenticity.

“Adela is not just a chair, but a sculpture to make love”

Materials: fiber glass, polyurethane, leather. Balastudio proposes the following combinations;
Ivory-white with red leather.
Obsidian black with black leather.
Red with black leather.
Silver with black leather.
Measures: height-102 cm / 40 inches.
length-79 cm / 31 inches.
width- 79 cm / 31 inches.
Since each piece is unique and 100% hand made, it can be customized in the combination any one chooses.

The initial price is U$D 1,830; for the customized ones, there might be variations due to the selection of chosen color and leather.
This price does not include taxes nor shipment.
If you are interested in receiving more information please contact us.


Xanath Lammoglia and Andrés Amaya.

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