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New erotic chair by Balastudio

We are delighted to introduce the most recent piece of erotic furniture by Balastudio called Adela,this is a renewed and improved version of El Montao chair. As usual this piece will be produced in a limited edition of 69 units, each with its serial number plate, and a certificate of authenticity.

“Adela is not just a chair, but a sculpture to make love”
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Materials: fiber glass, polyurethane, leather. Balastudio proposes the following combinations;
Ivory-white with red leather.
Obsidian black with black leather.
Red with black leather.
Silver with black leather.
Measures: height-102 cm / 40 inches.
length-79 cm / 31 inches.
width- 79 cm / 31 inches.
Since each piece is unique and 100% hand made, it can be customized in the combination any one chooses.

If you are interested in receiving more information, as well as a press release with high res images, please contact us.


Xanath Lammoglia and Andrés Amaya.
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